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Manchester School of Theatre

The Latest News from the Acting Alumni Community

1 October 2021

Graduates appearing on screen and stage

Manchester School of Theatre at Manchester Metropolitan University continues to build on its reputation for preparing actors with the skills needed for successful careers across screen, stage and radio.

2021 graduate Ntombizodwa Ndlovu is currently starring in The Mountaintop - Katori Hall’s powerful drama reimagining the eve of Dr Martin Luther King’s Assassination.  The Mountaintop is on at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre until 27 October 2021. Also from our class of 2021 is Dylan Brady, who builds on recent appearances in 'Get Even' (2020) and Coronation Street (2020-2021) with his role as Sam in Netflix/Kindle Entertainment production ‘The A List’. Fellow 2021 graduate Zak-Ford Williams was recently featured in the Sky original drama ‘Wolfe’, and also has a role as Young Jacob Marley and Tiny Tim in The Nottingham Playhouse's upcoming production of 'A CHRISTMAS CAROL', which will also be moving to London in December. 

2010 graduate John Bradley, most well known for his role as Samwell Tarly in HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’, is set to star in two upcoming feature films; ‘Moonfall’, alongside Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson, and ‘Marry Me’ alongside Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. Both features are set for 2022 release dates. 2006 graduate Zawe Ashton is set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming ‘The Marvels’ (2022), and has also starred in the Hulu original series ‘The Handmaids Tale’ as Oona. Explore the full list of updates from our alumni community below:

Helen Aluko

Christine Dakers in DALGLEISH                      NEW PICTURES / CHANNEL 5 

Zawe Ashton

Oona in THE HANDMAID’S TALE                     MGM
Julia in MR MALCOLM’S LIST                          DREAMSCAPE
in THE MARVELS                                            MARVEL STUDIOS

Sarah Amankwah

in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS                            PARAMOUNT
in BBC SCI-FI DRAMA                                     BBC

Zora Bishop

Sabeen Habeeb in CORONATION ST               ITV
Nasrin in ANGELA BLACK                                ITV

John Bradley

Colin Calloway in MARRY ME                         UNIVERSAL PICTURES
(with Owen Wilson and Sarah Silverman)

KC Houseman in MOONFALL                          CENTROPOLIS
with Halle Berry and Donald Sutherland

Dylan Brady

Sam in THE A LIST                                           NETFLIX / KINDLE ENTERTAINMENT

Oliver Devoti

Sam in LILY                                                       FENRIR FILMS
John Lyons in DIXIES                                       NEW HART FILMS 

Caitlin Drabble

Rochelle Reigner in CASUALTY                          BBC
Carly in SEX EDUCATION 3                                ELEVEN FILMS / NETFLIX

Alice Feetham

Deborah in I AM                                               ME & YOU PRODUCTIONS / CHANNEL 4
(with Gemma Chan and Vicky McClure)         

Beth in BOILING POINT                                  ASCENDANT FILMS
(with Stephen Graham)

Laura Ferries

Lucy in SUMMIT FEVER                                  HEADGEAR FILMS

Zak-Ford Williams

Tyler in WOLFE with Babou Ceesay                SKY
Young Jacob Marley & Tiny Tim in The Nottingham Playhouse's upcoming production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Gina Fillingham

Emie Hamzel in DOCTORS                               BBC
Susan in THE BAY S3                                      ITV
Carol Baker in TOO CLOSE                          SNOWED IN PRODUCTIONS

Graeme Hawley

Alan Bull in THE MALLORCA FILES                  BBC
Tricky in STEPHEN                                         HTM PRODUCTIONS
Peter Hollins in LEATHERBIRD                        BRIGHT PICTURES

Elliot Knight

Rizal in JUMP OUT                                         SILENT D PICTURES

Alexa Morden

Margaret in THE WAR BELOW                        VITAL PICTURES

Yasmin Mwanza

Fidda in THE LADY OF HEAVEN                      ENLIGHTENED KINGDOM
Georgina Lawrence in STEPHEN                     HTM Productions

Ntombizodwa Ndlovu

Camae in THE MOUNTAINTOP by Katori Hall, directed by Artistic Director Roy Alexander Weise at the Manchester Royal Exchange

Jordan Turk

Belgae in BRITTANIA (S3)                              AMAZON / SKY

Assad Zaman

Anish Sengupta in HOTEL PORTOFINO           EAGLE EYE DRAMA
(with Anna Chancellor)