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Future Flares Festival

Future Flares Festival

Re-thinking Theatre

24 26 January 2024

The Future Flares Festival 2024 brings to Manchester a globe-trotting reflection on destruction and meaning, an international fusion of workshop and performance, the guided tour of a book, some staged performance art, a large-scale exploration of performance and image-making, and more.

Presented jointly by Manchester School of Theatre and Manchester School of Art, and along with a programme of workshops and events, Future Flares re-thinks theatre as a location for reality more than illusion, for acts of real destruction and real creation, that might just help with some of the biggest questions facing us today.

The performances are open to all. Please see the individual event pages for ticketing and booking details.

Read this year’s curatorial statement by Neil Mackenzie


A String Section – Reckless Sleepers

A String Section

25 Jan 2024

Reckless Sleepers

See details
Enkidu Khaled

Working Method

24 / 26 Jan 2024

Enkidu Khaled

See details
Another Way of Telling - Michael Pinchbeck

Michael Pinchbeck

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Nerve in the Bone - Gillian Dyson

Nerve in the Bone

25 Jan 2024

Gillian Dyson

See details
An Image is an Act not a Thing

Arts and Humanities students, Jenny Baines and Brigid McLeer

See details
Curating Contemporary Theatre: A panel discussion

Kate Craddock, Richard Jordan, Mike Pony and Pelin Basaran

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Full Programme

Alongside our public performances, Future Flares Festival includes a public panel discussion, as well as a presentation and some creative workshops for Manchester Metropolitan University students.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Thursday 25 January 2024

Friday 26 January 2024

Festival Venue

Manchester Metropolitan University

Grosvenor East Building
Cavendish Street
M15 6BG
Brooks building Spanish Steps
53 Bonsall St
M15 6GX

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