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Ethan Holmes

Ethan Holmes

BA (Hons) Acting Graduated 2013

Playing age25 - 35
Height6' 2''
Eye colourBlue-Grey
Hair colourLight Brown

Productions whilst training

Vealtninc HuszA Bright Room Called DaySeb Harcombe
Johnnie (Still Life)Tonight at 7.30 (originally Tonight at 8.30)Chris Hayes
Burrows (Family Album)Tonight at 7.30 (originally Tonight at 8.30)Chris Hayes
Lord Chapworth (Chaps) (Ways and Means)Tonight at 7.30 (originally Tonight at 8.30)Chris Hayes
Pavel LebedevIvanovDavid Salter
George EtheregeThe LibertineDavid Shirley
HamletHamletDavid Salter

Professional credits

EnsembleEdward IIToby FrowRoyal Exchange Theatre
KarlMy Life As A Rat (Short Film)Tanya Nunn
PaulT4 PromoStraight TV


  • Acting for Camera (Karen Henthorn)
  • Acting for Radio (Melanie Harris)
  • Animal Studies (Jackie Snow)
  • Clowning (Mick Barnfather)
  • Impulse/Ensemble Performance (Christopher Sivertsen - The Awake Project)
  • Period Dance (Jackie Snow)
  • Singing (Ian Chesworth)
  • Stage Combat (Renny Krupinski & Kaitlin Howard)
  • Writing (Charlie Moritz)

Other training

National Youth Theatre Member (1998-2001)


Mancunian (Native), RP, Heightened RP, Lancashire, General American, Southern American, New York, Glasgow, General Scottish, Northern Irish, Southern Irish, West Country, Midlands, Cockney, German, French, Eastern European

Other skills

APC Basic Stage Combat (1st Class), Baritone, Full Motorcycle Licence, Sliing, Stand-Up, Writing, Good Ear for Accents