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BA (Hons) Acting

Audition Information

We aim to audition everyone that applies. Our audition process is composed of two rounds

1 / First Round

All applicants will be invited to submit a first round audition. This will be by submitting a video recording as a web link (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo). Current applicants should submit their video by Friday 23 February 2024.

2 / Final Round and Interview

Applicants who meet our minimum entry requirements and are successful at the first round audition stage will be invited to a recall audition on campus (overseas will be held online).

There are no audition fees for 2024 entry applications.

First Round Audition

Please record your audition and upload the video to an online hosting platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo, which we can access through a web link. The video must not be longer than 10 minutes. In this video please can you

  • Briefly introduce yourself no more than 2 minutes.
  • Perform three speeches, which you have rehearsed and memorised, each no longer than two minutes in duration. Before each speech, please tell us the character, play or source and author, where appropriate.

    • A speech from a play written after 1980
    • A Shakespeare speech, written in Blank Verse*
    • A speech from a piece of television or film or other material this could also be spoken word, or a song or another piece of theatre if necessary

*Blank Verse   A type of poetry that has a regular meter, but no rhyme. The most commonly used form in English is iambic pentameter, which can be found in all of Shakespeare’s plays.

Your material will then be reviewed and a decision will be made whether to invite you to the recall stage of the auditions.

Video recording advice

  • Make sure the background you’re working with is as neutral as possible.
  • Do at least one of your pieces close up to the camera (head and shoulders). Try to make the person you are addressing behind the camera lens.
  • Do one of your pieces as a mid-shot so that we can see at least the top half of your body. Again, address the camera lens directly. Use your own discretion for the rest of your audition.
  • Try to avoid busy patterns or large logos on your clothing. Do some checks with the camera to see what works.
  • Don’t forget the light source in the room, don’t sit in front of a window; you will be a silhouette. Try to have the camera between you and the light source. Again, trial it first.
  • Remember to check the sound quality before you send it.
  • Please try not to edit the material. You may record the pieces separately and edit them together, but we would encourage you not to edit the individual pieces.

NOTE The online video should not be password protected, but you do not need to make it public.

What are we looking for at an audition?

We are looking for Passion, Imagination, Empathy, Curiosity, Wonder together with a sense of what the character is going through. We are interested in your relationship to language and how expressive you are both physically and vocally. We are interested in how you work with others.

Useful tips

  • Choose material that inspires and excites you.
  • Choose characters that you relate to in some way no matter how seemingly different they may appear to be.
  • Know the play / material inside out. Know what has just happened and what the character is going through.
  • Know what the character wants in the speech and what is stopping them get it.
  • Know what will happen to your character if they do or don’t succeed.
  • Rehearse your speeches before your audition so that you feel comfortable presenting.

How to submit your audition video

Once you have uploaded your audition video to an online hosting platform, please provide us with the web link where we can view it using our Digital Portfolio submission site.

Students with disabilities

Manchester Metropolitan University is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities in all aspects of employment and training. Manchester School of Theatre welcomes applications from candidates with disabilities.

Getting your results

You will be notified of the outcome of your audition including whether you need to attend a further audition through UCAS Track.


Please contact the School of Theatre Admissions Team if you require further information.