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BA (Hons) Acting

Audition Information

We aim to audition everyone that applies.

Acting Recalls: For candidates with recall auditions for BA (Hons) Acting, we will no longer be holding auditions face to face. Our next round of auditions will be online and you should hear from us soon as to how and when this will take place

What happens at an audition?

Our audition process is composed of several rounds

  1. All applicants who meet our minimum entry requirements will be invited to a first round audition
  2. Second round recall
  3. Third round and interview, often held on the same day as the second round

First Round

The first round audition will last about an hour and a half and will focus on your speeches.

You will be required to rehearse and memorise three speeches, each no longer than two minutes in duration. You may only be asked to show two in the audition

  • A Shakespeare speech, written in Blank Verse*
  • A speech from a play written after 1970
  • One speech of your own choice from any published play

A song is not currently required for this audition.

*Blank Verse   A type of poetry that has a regular meter, but no rhyme. The most commonly used form in English is iambic pentameter, which can be found in all of Shakespeare’s plays.

Second Round Recall (Morning)

The second round audition will last about four hours and will be composed of a carousel of the following practical workshops

  • Voice
  • Movement
  • Speeches

Please bring along loose, comfortable clothing that you can easily change into. You are welcome to bring other speeches from the ones you brought to the first round.

Third Round Recall (Afternoon)

Students may be invited back to attend the afternoon session on the same day, where you may be asked to work on your speeches or on an improvisation. You will explore the work with all our core staff together. If you are successful, you will be asked to stay for an interview.

Please note if you are invited to the recall rounds, you should prepare to stay until 6 or 7pm, though you may be finished earlier.

What are we looking for at an audition?

We are looking for Passion, Imagination, Empathy, Curiosity, Wonder and a sense of what the character is going through. We are interested in your relationship to language and how expressive you are both physically and vocally. We are interested in how you work with others.

Useful tips

  • Choose material that inspires and excites you.
  • Choose characters that you relate to in some way – no matter how seemingly different they may appear to be.
  • Know the play inside out. Know what has just happened and what the character is going through.
  • Know what they want in the speech and what is stopping them get it.
  • Know what will happen if they don’t succeed.
  • Rehearse your speeches before your audition so that you feel comfortable presenting them.
  • Plan your journey, so that you arrive at the School of Theatre in plenty of time for your audition.
  • Arrive a few minutes early, so you can settle and feel ready for the work.
  • Remember staff at the School want you to do well in your audition, so try to relax and enjoy the day.

Overseas applicants

If you are based outside the UK and are unable to attend a first audition in Manchester, we will ask you to submit your audition as an online video (for example, on YouTube). The video should be sent to us within two weeks of our request.

The audition requirements and assessment criteria are the same as those used for other candidates. Please ensure that you record all three of your speeches and that the whole of your body is included in the film frame for some of the material. Close-ups are not required but you are welcome to include them for some of the recording if you so choose. Remember to check the sound quality.

Details of the chosen speeches – title, author, date, translation etc where appropriate – should be included with the video submission together with a short introductory statement of no more than two minutes. You may tell us a little about yourself and about your choice of speeches.

The video should not be password protected, but you do not need to make it public.

You will need to pay a compulsory audition fee of £45. This can be paid online. We will not consider your application and audition further until you have paid the audition fee.

Please email a link to your online video to the Admissions Team at The email should also contain your name and UCAS personal ID number.

Please note that should you be successful in securing a recall audition you will need to attend in person at the School of Theatre in Manchester.

Students with disabilities

Manchester Metropolitan University is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities in all aspects of employment and training. Manchester School of Theatre welcomes applications from candidates with disabilities irrespective of their physical needs.

Should you require adjustments for a Disability or Specific Learning Difficulty, please follow the guidelines on

Audition fee

A non-refundable fee of £45 is charged to all applicants. You can pay the audition fee with a credit or debit card, using the link below. There is no fee for recall auditions.

Getting your results

You will be notified of the outcome of your audition including whether you need to attend a further audition through UCAS Track.


Please contact the School of Theatre Admissions Team if you require further information.