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Wednesday 31 October Saturday 3 November 2012


By Anton Chekhov, Adapted by David Hare
Directed by David Salter

Deep in debt and no longer in love with his wife, the once powerful Ivanov finds himself emotionally trapped by guilt and self-doubt. Plagued by the moral righteousness of his dying wife's doctor and in desperate need of distraction, Ivanov succumbs to the attentions of the beautiful Sasha – the daughter of his wealthy friend and benefactor.

The dominating theme of Ivanov is honesty…and – just as important – what its price is… David Hare


Nikolai Ivanov - Lladel Bryant
Mikhail Borkin - Joel Davidge
Anna Petrovna - Charlotte Jacobs
Count Matvyei Shabyelski - Barry Hall
Yevgeni Lvov - Tom Sparkes
Pavel Lebedev - Ethan Holmes
Sasha - Mabel Wright
Zinaida Savishna - Hayley Gowland
Marfusha Babakina - Louise Bloor
Avdotya Nazarovna - Elisha Michael-Sesay
Kosykh - Assad Zaman
Gavrila - Max Henry-Walsh
Pyotr - Rory Thomas

Designer: Lara Booth