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Thursday 28 Saturday 30 May 2020

Fear and Misery in the Third Reich

By Bertolt Brecht, Translated by John Willett
Directed by Mary Papadima


Sc.1 Old Man, Sc. 9 The Woman, Sc. 13 Gentleman from Office, Sc.18 Marie Madeleine Sidi
Sc.2 The Woman, Sc.11 The Daughter, Sc 15 The Wife Sc.19 The First Woman Caitlin Kaur
Sc.3 The Maidservant, Sc.10 The Boy, Sc. 11 The Mother, Sc 19 The Butcher's Wife, Sc.24 The Woman Gina Jamieson
Sc.3 The Cook, Sc. 8 X, Sc 13 Woman Worker, Sc.16 The Old Woman, Sc 19 The Second Woman Hannah Flowers
Sc. 6 The Maidservant, Sc. 8 Y, Sc.10 The Maidservant, Sc. 13 The Announcer, Sc.18 The Farmer's Wife Cat Hajduk
Sc.6 The Usher, Sc.10 The Wife, Sc. 16 The Young Woman, Sc. 19 The Dairywoman Hannah Brownlie
Sc. 1 SS Officer 1, Sc.6 Judge, Sc.13 The Old Worker Sc. 18 The farmer Andrew Dawson
Sc. 1 SS Officer 2, Sc. 6 Inspector, Sc.13 The Worker, Sc. 16 2nd SA Man, Sc. 19 A Petit-Bourgeois Sam Arthur
Sc. 2 The Man, Sc 6 The Prosecutor, Sc.15 The Man, Sc. 18 Toni Jay Olpin
Sc. 3 SA Man, Sc 9 The Husband, Sc. 13 The SA Man, Sc. 24 The Young Worker Sam Boskovic
Sc. 3 The Chauffeur, Sc.15 The Released Man, Sc.19 The Young Fellow Zak Ford-Williams
Sc. 3 The Worker, Sc. 10 The Man, Sc. 16 1st SA Man Sc. 24 Older Worker Matt Pettifor

Designer: Frankie Gerrard