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Thursday 20 Saturday 22 October 2016

The Blue Room

By David Hare
Directed by David Shirley

A sensation in London and on Broadway, The Blue Room depicts a daisy chain of ten sexual encounters between five women and five men who portray a sense of the hypocrisy, the folly and the loneliness that many experience in today’s world.

Freely adapted from Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde, Hare has moved the action from turn-of-the-century Vienna to a modern British city and infused the sketches with witty and provocative modern nuances.

‘Generates enough erotic energy to raise the dead of two continents... a funny, intelligent and razor sharp satire that strips bare not just the follies of the flesh but also the delusions of desire itself.’ (The New York Daily News)


The Girl — Alice Hutchinson
The Cab Driver — Ali Gadema
The Au Pair — Lucy Padwick
The Student — Nathan Carter-Dale
The Married Woman — Andie Morgan
The Politician — Adam Gardiner
The Model — Xiaolai Chen
The Playwright — Marius Clements
The Actress — Yasmin Mwanza
The Aristocrat — Louie Threlfall