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Naytanael Israel

Naytanael Israel

BA (Hons) Acting

Playing age17 - 30
Height6' 4''
Eye colourBrown/orange
Hair colourBlack

Watch or listen

Solar Power by Poppy Bristow. Featuring Naytanael Israel and Elliot Parchment-Morrison. Produced and Directed by Elianne Hawley and Graeme Hawley.
Monologue: Black Boys Who Considered Suicide When The Hue Gets Too Heavy by Ryan Calais Cameron.

Productions whilst training

AntonioTwelfth NightKate Coogan
BJJ / George / M’CloskyAn OctoroonDeborah Yhip
EnsembleMr Burns (A Post Electric Play)Seán Aryon
DavidMud, River StoneCarla Henry
ChristopherWild-er-ness (Devising)Emma Bonnici
Don PedroMuch Ado About NothingKaitlin Howard
Sir TobyTwelfth NightKaitlin Howard
MercutioRomeo and JulietKaitlin Howard
Dr TobyThe EffectJames Nickerson
VershininThree SistersBen Askew
An Octoroon
An Octoroon
An Octoroon
An Octoroon
An Octoroon
An Octoroon
An Octoroon

Professional credits

ColinThe Untold Stories of the NHSKate Colgrave PopeManchester School of Theatre
Coyote/LockwoodOnce Upon A TimeKate Colgrave PopeManchester School of Theatre


  • Acting for Camera (Elianne Hawley and Graeme Hawley)
  • Acting for Radio (Stefan Escreet)
  • Clowning (Joe England)
  • Devised Project (Emma Bonnici)
  • Ensemble (Emma Bonnici)
  • Improvisation (Javier Marzan)
  • Improvisation (Joe England)
  • Laban Efforts (Lucy Glassbrook)
  • Meisner Uta Hagen (Kate Colgrave Pope)
  • Mud, River, Stone (Carla Henry)
  • Shakespeare (Kaitlin Howard)
  • Shakespeare (Kaitlin Howard and Cheryl Martin)
  • Singing (Ian Chesworth)
  • Stage Combat (Kaitlin Howard)
  • The Effect (James Nickerson)
  • The Neutral Mask (Shona Morris)
  • Three Sisters (Ben Askew)


Nottingham (Native), African American Standard, American Standard, American New York (40s/Modern Bronx/Brooklyn) American Southern, Caribbean, Cockney, English Standard, French, German, Jamaican, MLE, Southern Ireland, RP, Russian, Southern African (Xhosa), Southern Standard, Scottish Standard

Other skills

Artist (Fine Art), APC Hand to Hand (Basic), APC Knife (Basic), APC Sword (Basic), Beatboxing, Chef, Comedy, Kickboxing, Percussionist (African Drums, Cajon, Djembe), Singing(Baritone-Bass Choral. Ensemble), Spoken Word Poetry, Taekwondo.