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Thursday 8 Saturday 10 February 2024

Mr Wroe's Virgins

By Jane Rogers
Directed by Seb Harcombe

Adapted from Jane Rogers' novel, and inspired by actual events, Mr Wroe’s Virgins is set in Ashton-Under-Lyne in the 1830s.

Against a backdrop of a burgeoning industrial age, the story explores the lives of the several young women – chosen by religious leader, John Wroe, to assist him in bringing his prophecies to fruition – until accusations of indecency, and a subsequent trial, bring their world to a dramatic conclusion.

Content warnings

This production contains themes of a sexual nature including sexual abuse, incest and references to domestic violence. There are references to infant and adult death and description of infanticide.


JOANNA: Emily Yendell
HANNAH: Pippa Hinds
LEAH: Lily McClatchey
MARTHA: Tsen Day-Beaver
DINAH: Agathi Georgiou
JOHN WROE: James Newman
TOBIAS: Aaron Shaw


Designer: Chloe Wyn
Lighting: Tracey Gibbs
Sound: Garion Frith