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Thursday 30 November Saturday 2 December 2023

Mr. Burns (A Post Electric Play)

By Anne Washburn
Directed by Sean Aydon

Months after an apocalyptic nuclear event, survivors gather around a campfire and try to stave off boredom by piecing together an episode of The Simpsons. Over 75 years pass as the story is passed on from one survivor to the next in this new post–electric world. By the end of this journey, something powerful and utterly original emerges. Mr Burns is a story about the nature of stories, how necessary they are to our existence and how our myths are shaped by the experiences we share.

Content warnings

Includes themes of grief and anxiety.


Lily McClatchey — Maria / Lisa
Daniella Atake— Quincy / Bart
Emily Yendell — Colleen / Marge
Lauren Corless — Edna Krabappel
Millie Shephard — Jenny / Scratchy
Nejc Lisjak — Gibson / Mr Burns
Harvey Weed — Matt / Homer
Elliot Parchment-Morrison — Sam / Itchy


Tsen Day-Beaver (Violin)
Katherine Schneider (Flute)
Julia Rogers (Guitar/Piano)
Paryce Richards (Flute)
Frank Wilson-Caines (Saxophone/Clarinet)
Naytanael Israel/Adam Halcro (Drums)


Assistant Director: Lara Hancox
Lighting: Kay Haynes
Designer: Chloe Wyn
Stage Management: Steph Warden
Costume: Chloe Ramsey
Fight/Intimacy Director: Kaitlin Howard
Musical Direction/Sound Design: Ollie Mills