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Thursday 10 Saturday 12 May 2018

The Break of Day

By Timberlake Wertenbaker
Directed by Alex Thorpe

In The Break of Day, Timberlake Wertenbaker turns a sharp and beady eye on three women and their partners.

The 20th century is coming to an end and a feeling of dissatisfaction and unease seizes the group. Is it too late to have children? Were they wrong to focus so much on work? These questions force each of them to recast their future.


Nina Madeleine Daly
Tess Esther Thomas
Hugh James Coutsavlis
Paul/Money Seller/Statelov/Victor Christy Matthews
April/Icon Seller/Dr Romanov Millie Gaston
Jamie/Taxi Driver/Boain Seung Jae Lee
Robert Matthew Heywood
Nick/Dr Glad Joel Black
Marisa/Student/Dr Attanasov Maryam Ali
Mr Hardacre/Mihail Cameron Waghorn
Natasha/Eva Kailey McGowan

Designer: Irene Jade