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Thursday 31 May Saturday 2 June 2018

Barnbow Canaries

By Alice Nutter
Directed by Joyce Branagh

As the Great War gathers pace, Agnes and her sister Edith revel in their new-found independence and prosperity as workers in the Barnbow munitions factory. Not only does their danger money buy them a new life of confidence, men, work and politics, but the thrill of a new future, full of fun, friendship and freedom.

In the wake of the 1916 factory explosion, the women discover the true cost of the cry for ‘More Shells!’


Sparrow – Maddie Wakeling
Parkin – Jake Ashton-Nelson
Victor – Robin Lyons
Florence – Michaela Forbes
Swifty – Eloise Power
Agnes – Gabrielle Woolner
Edith – Megan McInerney
Bertie/Doctor – James King-Nickol

Zoe Villiers, Georgina Russell, Lucy Simpson, Kailey McGowan

Designer: Elizabeth Wright