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Thursday 18 Saturday 20 February 2016

Welcome to Thebes

By Moira Buffini
Directed by Chris Honer

Faced with an impoverished population, a shattered infrastructure and a volatile army, the first democratic president of Thebes, Eurydice, promises peace to her nation. Without the aid of Theseus, the leader of the vastly wealthy state of Athens, she doesn't stand a chance. But Theseus is arrogant, mercurial and motivated by profit. A swaggering opposition circles, impatient for insurrection. The body of the former dictator lies unburied.

Set in the present day but inspired by ancient myth, Welcome to Thebes offers a passionate exploration of an encounter between the world's richest and the world's poorest countries in the aftermath of a brutal war.


Megaera Comfort Fabian
Sergeant Miletus Johnny Byrom
Lieutenant Scud Stephanie Houtman
Eurydice Ellie Jackson
Prince Tydeus Tyler Conti
Pargeia Gina Fillingham
Haemon Michael Priestley
Antigone Hannah Lawrie
Ismene Harriet Poole
Tiresias Catriona McFarlane
Harmonia Farran Mitchell
Polykleitos Elliot Keefe
Aglaea Caroline Gray
Thalia Fay Jagger
Euphrosyne Laura Ferries
Eunomia/Ichnaea Bryony Miller
Helia Teresa Padden-Evans
Eris Queenie Ingrams
Xenophanes/Plautus Jerome Dowling
Theseus Declan O'Connor
Phaeax Barney Healy-Smith
Talthybia Hannah Duffy
Enyalius Daniel Allen

Designer: Lara Booth