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Thursday 12 Saturday 14 May 2016

Paradise Dreams

By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Pat Trueman

The variety of one-act plays in this performance feature some of Tennessee William’s finest characters. From scheming lovers and derelict lodgers, to disheartened poets and delinquent children, this selection brings together some of his most exciting works in a single performance. Full of perception, spirit, passion and wit, this specially selected collection of shorts affords a rare opportunity to sample some of Tennessee Williams’s most exuberant and captivating writing.

‘The peak of my virtuosity was in the one-act plays. Some of which are like firecrackers on a rope.’ — Tennessee Williams

‘He (Williams) can compress the basic meaning of life – its pathos or its tragedy, its bravery or the quality of its love – into one small scene or a few moments of dialogue.’ — ND Books


Mister Paradise

The Girl — Stephanie Houtman
Mister Paradise — Declan O'Connor

Hello from Bertha

Goldie — Ellie Jackson
Bertha — Holly-Robyn Harrison
Lena — Farran Mitchell
Girl — Hannah Lawrie

Summer at the Lake

Donald Fenway — Barney Healy-Smith
Mrs Fenway — Teresa Padden-Evans
Anna — Catriona McFarlane

The Pink Bedroom

Man — Tyler Conti
Woman — Hannah Lawrie
Younger Man — Declan O'Connor

At Liberty

Gloria La Greene — Farran Mitchell
Mother — Stephanie Houtman


Mme Duvenet — Ellie Jackson
Eloi — Joseph Jordon

The Magic Tower

Linda — Teresa Padden-Evans
Jim — Tyler Conti
Mrs O’Fallon — Hannah Lawrie
Molly — Farran Mitchell
Babe — Catriona McFarlane
Mitch — Barney Healy-Smith

Why Do You Smoke So Much

Mrs Yorke — Holly-Robyn Harrison
Lily — Catriona McFarlane

Talk To Me Like The Rain…

Man — Declan O'Connor
Woman — Stephanie Houtman

The Lady of Larkspur Lotion

Mrs Hardwicke-Moor — Ellie Jackson
Mrs Wire — Teresa Padden-Evans
The Writer — Joseph Jordon

This Property is Condemned

Willie — Holly-Robyn Harrison
Tom — Barney Healy-Smith

Designer: Lara Booth