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Wednesday 1 Saturday 4 December 2010

Time and the Conways

By J.B. Priestley
Directed by David Salter

'Time and the Conways, a brilliantly successful experiment, show us the same family in 1919 and 1937; the third and final act returns to the happy family party of 1919 to shed a bitter, ironical light on the youthful hopes of the characters.' - Penguin Books

A brilliantly perceptive and highly provocative portrait of a post First World War generation of young hopefuls and the tragic destinies that await them! A chilling evocation of lost youth and flawed optimism!


Hazel - Louisa Marie Lorey
Carol - Susie Potter
Alan - Ian Pink
Madge - Leanne Golightly
Kay - Zora Bishop
Mrs Conway - Natasha McClure
Joan Helford - Rebecca Gleeson
Gerald Thornton - Tyron Maynard
Ernest Beevers - Luke Jerdy
Robin - Oliver Devoti

Designer: Lara Booth