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Wednesday 3 Saturday 6 February 2010

Caucasian Chalk Circle

By Bertolt Brecht, Translated by James and Tania Stern, with W.H. Auden
Directed by Chris Honer

Matinee Performance: 4th February at 2.30pm

The city burns in the heat of civil war and a servant girl sacrifices everything to protect an abandoned child. But when peace is finally restored, the boy's mother comes to claim him. Calling upon the ancient tradition of the Chalk Circle, a comical judge sets about resolving the dispute. But in a culture of corruption and deception who wins?

Written by the grand master of storytelling and peopled with vivid and amusing characters, this is one of the greatest plays of the last century.

Extract taken from:


The Struggle For The Valley

Old Man (Right) - James Adler
Expert - Joncie Elmore
Wounded Soldier (Left) - William Rodell
Old Peasant (Left) - Dominic Vulliamy
Kato Soldier - Christopher Arley
Young Worker - Luke McGrath
Singer - Chris Thomson
Peasant Woman (Left) - Danielle Richards
Girl Tractor Driver - Sophie Gajewicz
Peasant Woman (Right) - Katie Jacobs

The Noble Child

Beggar/Armed Rider - James Adler
Servant 1/Armed Rider - Joncie Elmore
Servant 2/2nd Doctor - William Rodell
Soldier 1 - Dominic Vulliamy
Soldier 2 - Christopher Arley
Rider/Stableman - Luke McGrath
Singer - Chris Thomson
Governor - Sam Hevicon
Adjutant - Neil Gregor
Prince Kazbeki - Tom Florek
Beggar/Simon - Joe Hughes
Beggar/Armed Rider - Benjamin Ireland
Beggar Architect 1 - Indranyl Singharay
1st Doctor/Nanny - Danielle Richards
Grusha - Sophie Gajewicz
Cook - Katie Jacobs
Governor's Wife - Chantelle Dean
Petitioner/Architect 2/Fat Woman - Rosemary Lippard
Petitioner/Young Woman - Suzannah Hall

The Flight Into The Northern Mountains

Old Man - Indranyl Singharay
Corporal - James Adler
Soldier - Luke McGrath
Peasant Woman - Katie Jacobs
Peasant - Dominic Vulliamy
1st Man (Merchant) - Joncie Elmore
Merchant Woman - Danielle Richards
2nd Man - (Merchant) - William Rodell
Singer - Chris Thomson
Grusha - Sophie Gajewicz

In The Northern Mountains

Lavrenti - Sam Hevicon
Aniko - Rosemary Lippard
Stableman - Neil Gregor
Mother-in-Law - Suzannah Hall
Brother Anastasius, a Monk - Christopher Arley
1st Woman Guest - Chantelle Dean
2nd Woman Guest - Katie Jacobs
Man - Dominic Vulliamy
Peasant - Tom Florek
Yussup - Benjamin Ireland
Simon - Joe Hughes
Soldier 1 - Joncie Elmore
Soldier 2 - William Rodell
Grusha - Sophie Gajewicz
Singer - Chris Thomson

The Story Of The Judge

Azdak - William Rodell
Fugitive/Farmer 1 - Luke McGrath
Shauva - Indranyl Singharay
Soldier 1 - Sam Hevicon
Soldier 2/Adjutant - Neil Gregor
Soldier 3/Inn keeper - Benjamin Ireland
Prince Kazbeki - Tom Florek
Nephew - Joncie Elmore
Ludovica - Suzannah Hall
Stableman - Joe Hughes
Old Woman - Danielle Richards
Farmer 2 - Dominic Vulliamy
Farmer 3 - Christopher Arley
Bandit - James Adler
Governor's Wife - Chantelle Dean
Singer - Chris Thomson

The Chalk Circle

Soldier - Joncie Elmore
Azdak - William Rodell
1st Lawyer - Dominic Vulliamy
Soldier - Christopher Arley
Rider - Luke McGrath
Singer - Chris Thomson
Old Man - Tom Florek
Simon - Joe Hughes
Shauva - Indranyl Singharay
Grusha - Sophie Gajewicz
Cook - Katie Jacobs
Governor's Wife - Chantelle Dean
Second Lawyer - Rosemary Lippard
Old Woman - Suzannah Hall

Musical Director: Howard Hutt
Designer: Olivia du Monceau