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Wednesday 10 Saturday 13 December 2008


By Richard Bean
Directed by David Salter

On 14th May 1875 Lord Primrose Agar, drunk as a skunk, wagered one of his tenant farmers, Orlando Harrison, that his border collie pup Jip would outlive the 94 year old Harrison. The prize would be 82 acres of up and down known as Kilham Farm, near Driffield in East Yorkshire. Thirteen years later, having buried his dog, Agar shook hands with Orlando and conferred on the Harrisons a century of struggle.

Richard Beanís comic epic sweeps through four generations of a farming family battling to protect their livelihood.


Nicola Day - Mam/WAC Officer
Tanya Huq - Laura
Thomas Walsh - Warcliffe/Lewis
Ryan Cerenko - William
Ben Trebilcock - Albert/Blue
Nathan McMullen - Danny
Christine Clare - Maudie
Colin Warner - Titch
Danielle Munday - Vet
Oliver Pearson - Parker /Alan
Ashley Gerlach - Stefan
Jonathan Benjamin - Lord Primrose Agar/Young Agar