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Wednesday 17 Saturday 20 December 2003

Moll Flanders

By Daniel Defoe, Adapted by Les Smith
Directed by Romy Baskerville

A musical adaptation of the story of Moll Flanders, which played at the Capitol in the round.

Moll Flanders was born in Newgate, and lived a life of some variety for threescore years beside her childhood…..

Was twelve year a whore…Five times a wife…Twelve year a thief…

Transported eight year to Virginia…Where she found her true mother had died, and left her a tobacco plantation…

And thus she grew rich…And, being rich, could live honest…

And, at last, returned with her husband to London at the age of threescore year and ten…


MOLL 1 - Anna Baatz
MOLL 2 - Ella Vale
MOLL 3 - Johanne Webb
MOTHER - Freya Marshall
MR WISEMAN - Andrew Rosser
MRS WISEMAN - Tracie Daly
SARAH WISEMAN - Hannah Cowan
WILL - Ali Natkiel
ROBIN - Alan Neal
SPENDMAN - Karl Dobby
NURSE - Semira Ghahhary
CASHMAN - David Leverton
HERDMAN - David Golding
CHASTITY - Krissi Bohn
GOODMAN/JUDGE - Gareth Turtle
JEMMY - Lee Thorburn
NEWMAN - James Patterson

Photography by Paul Baird