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Professor Michael Pinchbeck

Professor of Theatre

Professor Michael Pinchbeck

I am Senior Research Lead for Art & Performance Research Hub, co-lead the Performance Research Group and curate Bunker Talks. Bunker Talks invite artists and researchers to talk about who they are and what they do. Curated by the Performance Research Group at Manchester School of Art, Bunker Talks explore geopolitical, ecological or economic concerns. The talks create space for critical encounters, presentations, provocation and dialogue. Originally conceived in the pandemic to explore how artists, writers, curators and researchers continued to make and share their work, live Bunker Talks now take place every month. Since 2020, over 125 talks have been hosted by members of the Art & Performance Research Hub. All talks are recorded, edited, captioned and archived to create an online catalogue, capturing how artists think about the world today.

Academic and Professional Qualifications

BA Theatre Studies and Creative Writing, Lancaster University

MA Performance and Live Art, Nottingham Trent University

PhD English and Drama Dept., Loughborough University

Fellowship of Higher Education Academy, University of Lincoln

Previous Employment

I have been at Manchester Met University since January 2020. During that time I have been MST Lead (2020-2022) and Senior Research Lead for the Art & Performance Research Hub (2021-ongoing) as well as co-leading the Performance Research Goup (2020-ongoing). I have curated over 125 Bunker Talks and initiated COIL projects with partners such as San Jose State University and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). Before this I worked at the University of Chester (2008-2010) and the University of Lincoln (2013-2020) where I was Associate Professor in Drama and joint MA Theatre Programme Leader. I initiated the Inspiring Cities exchange project with York St. John University and managed The Lincoln Company in Edinburgh for six years. I was PGT Lead for the College of Arts and chaired the forum of staff in the Lincoln School of Fine and Performing Arts on a Teaching, Scholarship and Professional Practice profile. I co-founded Metro-Boulot Dodo Theatre Company in 1997 and have been making and touring performance for over 25 years as a theatre-maker and dramaturg including working with companies such as Reckless Sleepers, Third Angel and Strange Names Collective.

Undergraduate Teaching

BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance represents a unique opportunity to make, study and perform innovative new theatre and performance, in the centre of Manchester. Drama and Contemporary Performance at Manchester Met is all about your development as a theatre artist, performer, thinker and professional, and in close contact with the city’s vibrant theatre and performance scene. Working with leading theatre academics, artists and professionals, and drawing on established local, national and international networks, you will be part of a close knit course community, working in one of the most vibrant sectors of a city internationally acclaimed for its creativity. Drama and Contemporary Performance has a unique focus on cutting edge practices across contemporary performance and dramatic theatre. Combining artistic practice, academic enquiry and professional development, the degree has close relationships with Contact Theatre, HOME, The Royal Exchange and other Manchester-based theatre venues and organisations.

Postgraduate Teaching

MA/MFA Performance is an exciting taught masters programme that offers a practical, versatile and interdisciplinary approach to performance-making and training. The programme provides students with an advanced and practical understanding of current performance practices, drawing on a broad range of artistic and theoretical influences. The development of new creative practice is at the core of the programme, as well as how this work might be developed and profiled in a professional context. MA/MFA Performance also offers students the chance to specialise in either of the distinctive areas of laboratory theatre or contemporary performance, or to combine elements from both with direct experience of a current professional arts context. The experience of these options is fed through a further process of critical and professional contextualisation, before students embark on the creation of their own major projects.

Postgraduate Research Supervision

I have supervised PhDs on new writing and dramaturgy at the University of Lincoln. I would be interested in supervising doctoral studies in one-to-one performance, immersive or site-specific theatre, postdramatic text and interdisciplinary practice. I am currently supervising PhDs that explore territory at the intersections between score theatre and music, performance and photography. I have recently received external funding from the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP) to set up a fully funded PhD - Greenroom re-united: revisiting and revisioning the archive of greenroom to map the programming of contemporary performance across Manchester.

External Examiner Roles

Central Saint Martins (UAL) - MA Performance Writing (2023-2027)

University of Leeds - Writing for Performance and Digital Media (2022-2026)

Leeds Beckett University - MA Performance (2017-2022)

Sheffield Hallam University - MA Performance Practice (2018-2020)

De Montfort University (Leicester) - MPhil (2019)

External appointments

Board Member for Third Angel (2013-2018)

Board Member for Derby Theatre (2018-ongoing)


A Fortunate Man (2018)

A touring performance to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS and 50th anniversary of A Fortunate Man by writer, John Berger, and photographer, Jean Mohr. What they revealed about the life of English country GP, Dr John Sassall, remains as fresh, urgent and relevant in the present day. Through a combination of Berger’s words, Mohr’s images, archive film footage and contemporary reportage, New Perspectives collaborate with theatre-maker Michael Pinchbeck to create a new multi-media performance that takes the pulse of the NHS today. Toured to Camden People’s Theatre, Summerhall (Edinburgh), Singapore Fringe Festival and Theaterszene Europa at studiobühneköln (Cologne).

A Seventh Man (2020)

In 2020, Pinchbeck & Smith make a new show inspired by A Seventh Man, the 1975 book about migration by John Berger and Jean Mohr. Using verbatim interviews and photography the performance is part slideshow, part documentary, part adaptation, and explores the book to mark its 45th anniversary. The narrative follows workers leaving home, crossing borders and facing questions about the work they do and taking medical tests to see if they are fit enough. Three performers read directly from Berger’s book as if both narrating and acting out its portraits of a generation of young men who travel across a continent in search of a better life. The piece follows a three act structure - Departure, Work, Return - and will be shown in a mobile research centre – S.H.E.D. Supported by Arts Council England, the project is commissioned by Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, New Perspectives and Nottingham Playhouse.

Another Way of Telling (2022)

To mark the 40th anniversary of Another Way of Telling by writer, John Berger, and photographer, Jean Mohr, this piece explores the relationship between performance and photography, photographer and photographed, image and text. Taking the form of an immersive slideshow, the piece asks how each time we perform is different to each time we take a photograph. Supported by Primary (Nottingham) and Manchester School of Art Research Centre, Another Way of Telling is the final piece of The Berger & Mohr Trilogy, following on from A Fortunate Man and A Seventh Man. It will premiere in Autumn 2022 before touring

Bolero (2014)

In 1928, Maurice Ravel wrote Bolero in Paris. In 1984, Torvill and Dean danced to it at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Eight years later the stadium where they won gold was bombed. Working with the music as a bridge, Bolero takes a journey from Paris to Sarajevo, from 1914 to 1994, from the First World War to the Bosnian War to the present day.

Supported by Arts Council England and the British Council, Bolero was a co-production between Nottingham Playhouse, ODA Theatre (Pristina) and Sarajevo War Theatre. Developed at Dance4, the National Ice Centre and Primary with support from the University of Lincoln.

Concerto (2016)

An immersive musical experience inspired by Maurice Ravel’s Piano Concerto for the Left Hand, featuring world-renowned concert pianist Nicholas McCarthy. Infamous pianist, Paul Wittgenstein, commissioned Ravel to write him a concerto after he lost his right arm during the First World War. At the same moment, assassin Gavrilo Princip was in prison, his withered arm tied up with piano wire. Unravelling narratives such as these surround this music’s composition and together they weave a true story that spans 100 years. Pinchbeck’s Concerto is a deconstructed exploration of the legacy of war and the healing power of music that explores his research into composed and orchestral theatre.

This performance was supported by Attenborough Arts Centre and features the University of Leicester Orchestra and Knighton Chamber Orchestra conducted by Dr Paul Jenkins. Commissioned by Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Attenborough Arts Centre and Nottingham Lakeside Arts. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Cyclical (2021)

Cyclical sees Michael Pinchbeck cycle on an exercise bike in his home for 7 hours, the time it would take to get from Nottingham (where he spent lockdown) and Manchester (where he works). He will cycle the equivalent distance of 85 km and audience members will be invited to join him for 15 minutes at a time to accompany him on his journey and share stories of bikes and bike rides and the cyclical nature of working from home. He is cycling to work. He is cycling from home to HOME. He is busy going nowhere. Commissioned for Homemakers by HOME. Supported by Derby Theatre, In Good Company and Manchester School of Art Research Centre.

Matchstalks Remastered (2023)

Kevin Egan & Michael Pinchbeck apply their approach of devising contemporary performance from musical stimuli to the 1978 hit, ‘Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs’. They translate the track, inspired by the paintings of LS Lowry, into a series of theatrical motifs. Following the song’s structure, the piece is broken down into scenes exploring the visual language of Lowry’s paintings and the song’s lyrical poetry. Egan & Pinchbeck question how painting becomes music, music becomes theatre, people become performers. The project draws on the history of Lowry, with access to Special Collections, Manchester School of Art, where he studied painting. Presented at Future Flares Festival and Contact Theatre. Watch video

Sit with us for a moment and remember (2021)

Drawing on images from the University of Nottingham's archives, Sit with us for a moment and remember is a 45 minute immersive sound experience that involves audio walks around a lake and tracks to be experienced on four benches installed with plaques – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Each bench track explores the different seasons and how the landscape changes over time. Drawing attention to different views across the lake and the way benches are often associated with acts of remembering, the piece invites you to encounter the history of the lake, to inhabit the past, to reflect on the present and to look forward to the future. Commissioned by Lakeside Arts. More information:

Solo (2018)

An intimate and interactive performance installation inspired by Maurice Ravel’s violin piece – Tzigane, Solo is a poetic, poignant 10-minute experience based on real-life events. It is played out for audiences of two at a time, from the moment the music was conceived to a curtain call. The audience plays the role of a violinist and a composer as you enact a true story of how this piece of music came to be. Devised with Ollie Smith as a sequel to Bolero (2014) and Concerto (2016). Commissioned by Attenborough Arts Centre, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre and Frequency Festival. Supported by Arts Council England.

Talking Trees

Talking Trees / 树说/述说 involves a living archive of stories to be listened to at trees, imported from China, by downloading tracks via the QR codes. The stories explore the notion of home, roots/routes and how trees have grown over time as a metaphor for migration and belonging. One tree represents the idea of ‘leaving home’ while the other tree represents the idea of ‘arriving home’. At each of the two trees you are invited to listen to verbatim interviews with Chinese speakers on a range of relevant themes. A fictional narrative drawn from archival research and images explores the journey the trees might have taken from China to the UK, 100 years ago, how they might be talking to each other and what they might say. This fictional narrative frames the interviews and forms an audio walk between the trees for visitors to follow. This immersive audio experience has been designed with Leicester-based sound artist, Chris Cousin. Supported by University of Nottingham and Manchester School of Art. More information

The Beginning (2012)

Inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Beginning is the second in a trilogy of works deconstructing Shakespearean stage directions that later became The Shakespeare Trilogy. The Beginning was developed at Lakeside Arts Centre (Nottingham), Leeds Met Studio Theatre, Loughborough University and The Junction (Cambridge). Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and commissioned by the World Event Young Artists 2012. Selected for the British Council’s Edinburgh Showcase 2013. The Beginning was co-devised by Nicki Hobday and Ollie Smith. An excerpt from The Beginning ('This is a love story') features in the recent Routledge edition, The Twenty-First Century Performance Reader.

The man who flew into space from his apartment (2015)

An immersive slideshow inspired by an installation by Russian artist Ilya Kabakov performed in a non-theatre space. A guest performer follows instructions they have never heard before in front of an audience of ten. The performance draws on notions of escape and makes a journey, like Kabakov, between east and west, flying and falling, attempt and failure. Commissioned by hÅb Arts (Manchester) and Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. Developed at First Bite, Forest Fringe, Frequency Festival and Hatch. Supported by Arts Council England, the piece was performed over 30 times over three years in factories, galleries, school halls and tower blocks.


Research Interests

I am a Nottingham-based writer, director and theatre maker with over 25 years of experience. I co-founded Metro-Boulot-Dodo in 1997. I was commissioned by Nottingham Playhouse to write The White Album (2006), The Ashes (2011) and Bolero (2014), premiering at Nottingham Playhouse before touring Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo supported by the British Council. My work has been selected four times for the British Council’s Edinburgh Showcase. In 2018, I was commissioned by New Perspectives to write and direct a play inspired by Berger and Mohr's 1967 book, A Fortunate Man, which toured to the Edinburgh Fringe, Singapore Fringe and Theaterszene Europa, Cologne. I have since made A Seventh Man, supported by Arts Council England, New Perspectives, Nottingham Playhouse and Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. I am now making Another Way of Telling, supported by Manchester School of Art and Harrogate Theatre. This project will complete The Berger and Mohr Trilogy.

I have written articles for Contemporary Theatre Review, Dance Theatre Journal, Repertorio, Studies in Theatre and Performance and Performance Research. My work has featured in Podium, DIY: Do It Yourself and Routledge's The Twenty First Century Performance Reader (2020) I have published an edited collection for Intellect's Playtext Series, Acts of Dramaturgy: The Shakespeare Trilogy (2020). My ongoing research explores relationships between dramaturgy and practice-as research. I am interested in the intersections between composed theatre and orchestral theatre and 'staging scores', taking musical approaches to dramaturgy and dramaturgical approaches to music. My recent practice-as-research explores the notion of performance as commemoration and how theatre remembers. I have developed an extensive body of work around one-to-one performance and am writing a new publication, Brief Encounters: The politics, poetics and ethics of one-to-one performance.

Academic Collaborations

I recently co-edited Staging Loss: Performance as Commemoration for Palgrave Macmillan with Andrew Westerside (University of Lincoln). I have completed a second edited collection for Intellect with Ollie Smith (University of Lincoln), Following the Score: The Ravel Trilogy. I have a forthcoming edited collection for Intellect with Frances Babbage (University of Sheffield), Ways of Staging: The Berger & Mohr Trilogy. I have co-authored articles for Performance Research with Rhiannon Jones (University of Derby) and Mick Mangan (Loughborough University). I have worked with various theatre companies as a dramaturg, writer, deviser and performer such as Reckless Sleepers, Strange Names Collective, Dog Kennel Hill Project, Hetain Patel, Zoi Dimitriou, Gabriele Reuter and Tom Marshman. In 2012, I was an outside eye for the Meeting Place at Southbank Centre featuring Lea Anderson, Candoco, Boris Charmatz, Siobhan Davies and Thomas Lehmann. I am dramaturg-in-residence on the S.H.E.D project at the University of Derby.

Invited Discussions

I was invited to take part in Text & Performance and Expanded Practice and Curation as Creative Process at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have attended the AHRC Research Network 'Representing Classical Music in the Twenty-First Century' at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in April 2020. I have presented at conferences such as TaPRA, IFTR and ISTR.

Conference Organisation

I co-convened Staging Loss: Performance as Commemoration (University of Lincoln) and Where From Here: 21 Years of Third Angel (Leeds Beckett University). I am involved in planning symposia with the Performance Research Group including Performing Scores: Scoring Performance in summer 2023.

Expert Reviewer for Journals and Publishers

I have peer reviewed for Studies in Theatre & Performance, Textual Practice, Bloomsbury, Intellect and Routledge. I was an Arts Council England assessor and a jury member for ARENA Festival (Erlangen), Circuit Festival (Leicester) and Presence (Dartington). I was an Ambassador for UK Young Artists in 2012.


• Producing Solo and A Seventh Man — awarded £15000 by Arts Council England in 2019
• Producing Concerto & Solo — awarded £10000 by Arts Council England in 2018
• Concerto 2.0 — awarded £10000 by Arts Council England in 2017
• Concerto — awarded £15000 by Arts Council England in 2016
• The man who flew into space from his apartment — awarded £5000 by Arts Council England in 2015
• Bolero — awarded £75000 by British Council in 2014-2016
• Bolero — awarded £15000 by Arts Council England in 2014
• Bolero — awarded £5000 by Making Tracks in 2013
• The Beginning — awarded £10000 by Arts Council England in 2012
• The End — awarded £10000 by Arts Council England in 2011
• Sit with me for a moment and remember — awarded £5000 by Arts Council England in 2010
• The Post Show Party Show — awarded £5000 by Arts Council England in 2009

Michael Pinchbeck is a member of the Art and Performance Research Hub.


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