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Thursday 8 Saturday 10 November 2018

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

By Stephen Adly Guirgis
Directed by Jonathan Martin

Set in a time-bending, seriocomically imagined world between Heaven and Hell, Stephen Adly Gurgis’s The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is a philosophical meditation on the conflict between divine mercy and human free will that takes a close look at the eternal damnation of the Bible’s most notorious sinner.

‘The piece is in essence a cosmic courtroom drama played out in some "downtown Purgatory" that bears a strong resemblance to the meanest neighbourhoods of New York.’
— Charles Spencer (The Telegraph)

‘What gives the play its life is that Guirgis handles big issues with comic flair. Simon the Zealot, for instance, recalls that, after the riot at the Temple, Jesus was "like I'm going to die soon so let's just chill". Guirgis is making a serious point: that, if betrayal is the ultimate sin, then forgiveness is the ultimate sign of grace.’
— Michael Billington (The Guardian)


Satan – Joe Pass
Gloria/Mother Teresa – Becky Bowe
Judge Littlefield – Elizabeth Kentish
Loretta/Sister Glenna/Mary Magdalene – Frederica Davies
Bailiff/Simon the Zealot/Soldier – Zane Burkmar
Sigmund Freud/Saint Thomas/Soldier – Ben Bubb
Pontius Pilate/Uncle Pino – Jerome Cooper-Wray
Saint Peter/Soldier – Conor McCready
Jesus of Nazereth/Saint Matthew – Jessica Nicholson
Judas Iscariot – Harry Mace
Saint Monica/Mathias of Galilee – Xsara-Sheneille Pryce
Henrietta Iscariot – Freya de Wild
Butch Honeywell/Caiaphas the Elder – No้ Sebert
Fabiana Aziza Cunningham – Daisy Farrington
Yusef El-Fayoumy – Ahmed Elmusrati

Designer: Mark Friend