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Wednesday 4 Saturday 7 February 2015

Red Noses

By Peter Barnes
Directed by Stefan Escreet

Set in mid-14th Century France at the height of the Great Plague, Red Noses is the story of Flote, a Catholic monk, who seeks a heavenly sign to show him the way to serve God's will and ease man's suffering. Following an incident in which he accidentally makes people laugh, Flote believes he has received the sign he has long awaited and so embarks on a journey to spread laughter and joy to all whom he encounters.

'Red Noses is a letter from a transfigured world, much like ours, where statues come to life and human beings turn to stone. It's a letter wishing you good thoughts, but chiefly, good feelings.' Peter Barnes


Flote - Charles Reynolds
Dr Antrechau / Marguerite - Alice Lamb
Bonville / Father Toulon - Paddy Young
Scarron / Pope Clement VI - Emily Goldie
Viennet / Rochfort - William O'Connell
Druce / Papal Herald - Nicola Ferguson
Grez / Mistral / Vasques - Lewis Brown
Evaline /Archbishop Monselet / Sabine / Third Leper - Elise Taylor
Madame Bonville / First Attendant / Camille / Mother Metz / Second Leper - Beth Wilcox
Moncriff / Brodin - Kane Power
Marie / Pierre Frapper / Motley Crowd - Sophie Giddens
Sonnerie / First Leper - Grace Houston
Lefranc / Bigod / Henri Patris / Motley Crowd / Messenger - Barney Thompson

Musical Direction: Ian Chesworth
Designer: Olivia Du Monceau