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Wednesday 28 April Saturday 1 May 2010


By Peter Shaffer
Directed by David Shirley

Matinee Performance: Thursday 29th April at 2.30pm

'a gripping, intriguing study of the roots of envy and the haphazard nature of genius…'

'Peter Shaffer's award-winning play is a rich, exuberant portrayal of a God-like man among mortals, and lives destroyed by envy.'


The 'Venticelli' - (1) Ben Seager (2) Christopher Anderton
Valet to Salieri - Joe Hughes
Antonio Salieri - Joncie Elmore
Johann Kilian Von Strack - Neil Gregor
Count Orsini-Rosenberg - Aiden Darné
Baron Van Swieten - Dominic Vulliamy
Constanze Weber - Katie Jacobs
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Christopher Arley
Joseph II, Emperor of Austria - Indranyl Singharay
Major Domo/Kapellmeister Bonno - Benjamin Ireland
Cook - John Bradley
Katherina Cavalieri - Suzannah Hall
Teresa Salieri - Annabel Lucy Smith

Designer - Olivia du Monceau