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Wednesday 9 Saturday 12 December 2009

Women Beware Women

By Thomas Middleton
Directed by Deborah Paige

'Thomas Middleton's Women Beware Women is Romeo and Juliet for grown-ups. It begins pretty much where Shakespeare's vision of breathless adolescent romance ends: with a newly married couple, eloped from Venice, arriving in Florence. The husband's tragic mistake is to go to work'. The Guardian

Women victimized and women victorious. Women at play and women in love. Women in control and women in peril. Women unhinged by spite and lust.

Thomas Middleton's Women Beware Women is a tale of the corruption of innocence and beauty as a consequence of treachery, lust, deceit and debauchery. It has all the hallmarks of a classic Jacobean tragedy and should not be missed!


Duke of Florence - Benjamin Ireland
Lord Cardinal - Joe Hughes
Fabritio - Chris Thomson
Hippolito - Christopher Anderton
Guardiano - Sam Hevicon
Ward - Sam Smith
Leantio - Christopher Arley
Sordido - Will Tither
Livia - Claire Harry
Isabella - Victoria Bewick
Bianca - Annabel Lucy Smith
Widow - Rose-Marie Hardy

Company - Katie Jacobs, Chantelle Dean, Aiden Darné, William Rodell