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Wednesday 29 October Saturday 1 November 2008

The House of Blue Leaves

By John Guare
Directed by Jacqui Somerville

In Guare's The House of Blue Leaves, Artie is a failure, his wife may be schizophrenic, his son wants to kill the Pope, his best friend steals his mistress, and four characters die, one of them murdered before our eyes. Naturally this is comedy, since Guare knows that nothing is funnier than the clash between American dreams and the American way of death…a play in touch with darkest intelligence, unsparing in its fundamental concern with public lunacy…

The Village Voice


Nathan McMullen - Ronnie Shaughnessy
Fiona Carmouche - Bunny Flingus
Faustine Zweigenbaum - Bananas Shaughnessy
Caitlin Thorburn - Corrinna Stoller
Christine Clare - The Head Nun
Tanya Huq - The Second Nun
Nicola Day - The Little Nun
Colin Warner - Military Policeman
Oliver Pearson - The White Man
Thomas Walsh - Billy Einhorn