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Thursday 14 Saturday 16 February 2008

Blue Remembered Hills

By Dennis Potter
Directed by Christopher Hunter

Set in the Forest of Dean on a sunny afternoon in 1943, this extraordinary work reflects the extent to which inherited prejudice and victimization infects the lives of a group of seven young children (all of whom are played by adult actors) and leads to disastrous consequences. Originally broadcast on January 30th 1979 as part of the BBC's Play for Today series, Potter's play offers a dark and often disturbing contemplation of childhood innocence and pre-pubescent vulnerability.


Lucy Benson-Brown - Angela
Sarah Amankwah - Audrey
Joe Ransom - Peter
Phillip Maxwell - Donald Duck
Leon Tagoe - Willie
Alex McNally - Raymond
Ryan Greaves - John

Designer: Lara Booth

Photographs by Sandie Cowle