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Wednesday 7 Saturday 10 March 2007

A Month in the Country

By Brian Friel (from the original by Ivan Turgenev)
Directed by Chris Honer

A charming and lively adaptation of Ivan Turgenev's moving masterpiece. Bored with the seemingly endless tedium of her daily routine, Natalya Petrovna, the beautiful and passionate wife of a rich landowner, finds herself becoming increasingly obsessed with the youthful charms of her son's new tutor. Poetic, moving and often extremely comic, this delightful adaptation offers a fascinating insight in to Russian provincial life during the middle of the 19th Century.


Lucy Egerton - Natalya, wife to Arkady
Aisling Caffrey - Vera, her ward
Abigail Andjel - Anna, mother to Arkardy
Verity May Henry - Lizaveta, companion to Anna
Caroline O'Boyle - Katya, a servant
Gareth Cassidy - Arkady, a rich landowner
Christian Foster - Schaaf, a German tutor
Dane Standing - Michel, a family friend
Dan Mason - Aleksey, a student, Kolya's tutor
Danny Bradshaw - Bolshintsov, a neighbour
Murray Taylor - Shpigelsky, a doctor
Alastair Massey - Matvey, a servant
Caitlin Thorburn, Matthew Stead, Oliver Pearson, Nicola Day - Serfs