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Wednesday 22 Saturday 25 February 2006

The Good Person of Szechuan

By Bertolt Brecht, Adapted by Hywel Evans
Directed by Hywel Evans

The Good Person Of Szechuan is one of Brechts most famous and performed plays. The spelling of Szechuan however, changes depending on who you talk to and in which country you are in when talking to them...

Taken from a fable, the play tells a story which not only looks at what it is to be 'good' and 'bad', but also at the drama which lies between those two points when trying to uphold a 'meaningful human existence'.


Sam Grimwood - Wang/Lin To the Carpenter/The Priest
Gemma Drever - Shen Teh/Shui Ta
Jack Hales - Yang Sun/The Nephew
Valerie Antwi - Mrs Yang/The Sister in Law
Elizabeth Bassham - Mrs Shin
Amie Andrews - The Woman
Lucie Trickett - Mrs Mi Tzu/The Girl/Little Feng
Sam Curtis - Child/The Poet/The Man/The Waiter/ The Old Man
Laura McKendrick - The Young Prostitute/The Old Woman/ God 3/Child
Zawe Ashton - God 1/The Old Prostitute
Zariah Bailey - God 2/The Unemployed Man/Shu Fu the Barber/The policeman