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Wednesday 13 Saturday 16 December 2006

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (Part One)

By Charles Dickens/David Edgar
Directed by Natalie Wilson

‘With uncommon audacity Nicholas Nickleby not only takes on Dickens’ sprawling novel, it fractures all the petty limitations we have imposed upon the stage as well…A landmark’. New Statesman

First performed by The Royal Shakespeare Company, at The Aldwych Theatre in 1980, David Edgar’s adaptation of Dicken’s classic novel proved a landmark in the history of British Theatre!


Dan Mason - Nicholas Nickleby
Rebecca Elliot - Kate Nickleby/Mrs Cutler/Roberts/ Miss Ledbrook
Jack Schwier - Ralph Nickleby/Mr Wagstaff/Sprouter
Abigail Andjel - Mrs Nickleby/Peters/Mrs Curdle
Matt Oliver - Newman Hoggs/Coates/Fr Folair/Lord Frederick Verisopht
Aisling Caffrey - Hannah/The Infant Phenomenon/Mobbs
Sakinah May - Miss La Creevy/Miss Green/Tomkins/Miss Bravassa
Gareth Cassidy - Sir Matthew Pupker/Jennings/Mr Curdle/Mr Snevelicci/Mr Pyke/Mr Fluggers
Richard Lewis - Mr Bonney/John Brodie/Snawley Major/Sir Mulberry Hawk
Christian Foster - Smike
Mark Ryan - Jackson/Mr Kenwigs/Master Crummles/Mr Snobb
Tom Barry - Mr Snawley/Bolder/Mr Cutler/ Mr Blightey/Mr Pluck
Verity May Henry - Snawley Minor/Miss Petowker/Tilda
Kai Parsons - Belling/Mr Hetherington/Scaley
Dane Standing - William/Mr Lillyvick/Master Percy Crummles/Tix
Murray Taylor - Young Wackford Squeers/Mr Vincent Crummles
Alastair Massey - Mr Mantalini/Cobbey/George/Mr Pailey
Lucy Egerton - Madame Mantalini/Pitcher/Mrs Kenwigs/Miss Belvawney
Caroline O'Boyle Miss Nag/Phib/Greymarsh/Lady from downstairs/Mrs Lenville
Danny Bradshaw - Mr Squeers/Mr Crowl/Mr Lenville
Natalie Deeley - Mrs Squeers/Morleena Kenwigs/ Mrs Crummles
Kate Hyett - Fanny Squeers/Mrs Kenwigs' sister/ Miss Snevelicc