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Wednesday 11 Saturday 14 October 2006

Break of Day

By Timberlake Wertenbaker
Directed by David Byrne

Tess, Nina and April are old friends reunited one hot summer weekend to celebrate Tess's fortieth birthday. With their partners in tow, a feeling of dissatisfaction and unease seizes the group. Is it too late to have children? Were they wrong to focus so much on work'?

Timberlake Wertenbaker’s play was commissioned by Max Stafford-Clark’s Out of Joint Theatre Company. The play toured in 1995 and opened at The Royal Court Theatre, London, in November of that year.


Rebecca Elliot - Nina
Abigail Andjel - Tess
Mark Ryan - Hugh
Matt Oliver - Paul, Money Seller, Statelov, Victor
Natalie Deeley - April, Icon Seller, Dr Romanov
Tom Barry - Jamie, Taxi Driver, Boain
Richard Lewis - Robert
Christian Foster - Nick
Katie Hyett - Marisa, Student, Dr Attanasov
Dan Mason - Mr Hardacre, Mihail
Kai Parsons - Dr Glad
Verity Henry - Natash, Eva