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Wednesday 4 Saturday 7 May 2005

Spring Awakening

By Frank Wedekind
Directed by Chris Honer

Spring Awakening is a fairy tale on fire, a brilliant fable of sexuality, personal responsibility and individual ideas set in a time of increasingly repressive social values. Written in 1891 but banned in Britain until the 1970's because of its themes of sexual awakening and teen suicide, Frank Wedekind's dark classic Spring Awakening is as relevant today as it was 112 years ago.


The Boys
Melchior Gabor - Robert Hardman
Moritz Steifel - Chris Hargreaves
Otto - Marcus Evans
Georg - Ross Grant
Hans Rilow - Gareth Bayliss
Ernst Robel - Andrew Chamberlain

The Girls
Wendla Bergman - Catherine Grose
Martha Bessel - Clare Jones
Thea - Nicole Hall
Ilse - Selena Daniels

The Parents
Frau Bergman - Jackie Lindsay
Frau Gabor - Emily Staveley-Taylor
Herr Steifel - Dale Clark
Herr Gabor - Paul Johns

The Teachers
Sonnenstich - Scott Bradley
Zungenschlag - Dale Clark
Hungergurt - Graeme Brookes
Knuppeldick - Paul Johns
Fliegentod - Arron Jones

Habebald, the caretaker - Wesley Thomas

At the Funeral
Pastor Kahlbauch - Phill Ford
Herr Probst - Jack Allen
Herr Ziegenmelker - Arron Jones

In the Reformatory
Gaston - Scott Bradley
Ruprecht - Phill Ford
Helmuth - Jack Allen
Diethelm - Arron Jones
Reinhold - Wesley Thomas
Dr Prokrustes - Dale Clark
A Locksmith - Graeme Brookes

Ina Bergman, Wendla's sister - Ruth Cockburn
Dr Brausepulver - Graeme Brookes

The Masked Gentleman - Colin Connor