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Wednesday 29 October Saturday 1 November 2003

The Country Wife

By William Wycherley
Directed by Laurence Till

"The Country Wife" is probably the most frequently read, studied and performed Restoration comedy. Its major themes of money, marriage and sex concern us as much today as they preoccupied its audience in 1675. This production threw open the doors and deconstructed Wycherley’s original in an attempt to capture the spirit of the play. The relationships remained intact as did the deceit, intrigue, and sexual morality. Four lads on the pull. Girls out for a fun time on the town. Possessive husbands. Getting away with it. Wannabes and a man who finds true love where he least expects to find it.


Horner - Ali Natkiel
Harcourt - Chris Anderson
Dorilant - Gareth Turtle
Pinchwife - Patrick O'Sullivan
Sir Jasper - Marc Groves
Quack - Karl Dobby
Sparkish - Lee Thorburn
Margery Pinchwife - Buffy Hale
Alithia - Krissi Bohn
Lady Fidget - Bethany Sheldon
Mrs Squeamish - Elizabeth Segojame
Miss Premise - Freya Marshall
Lucy - Tracie Daly
Miss Dainty Fidget - Ella Vale

Photography by Paul Baird