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Wednesday 13 Saturday 16 February 2002

The Government Inspector

By Nikolai Gogul
Directed by Martin Nestor

"In The Government Inspector I decided to gather into one heap everything rotten in Russia as I saw it, all the injustices which are perpetrated in those in those places and in those circumstances where justice is most required of a man; I decided to hold everything up to ridicule at once" - Gogul.


Chris Hannon - Governor Anton Skvoznik-Dmuchanovsky
Liselore Woltering - Anna, the Governors wife
Elianne Byrne - Marya, the Governor's daughter
Ben Kewin - Schools Superintendent Luka Khlopov
Sophie Wright - Judge Ammos Lyapkin-Tyapkin
Josh French - Postmaster
Lisa Lapidge - Petr Dobshinsky, a landowner
Ben Toye - Petr Bobchinsky, a landowner
Paul Leeming - Charity Commissioner Artemy Zemlyanika
Hans Morgeneyer - Dr. Khristian Gibner, the district doctor; Police Constable, Waiter
Jonathan Barraclough - Police Inspector
Tom Cottle - Ivan Khlestakov, a Government Inspector
Franki Briers - Osip, a servant to Khlestakov
Paul Hine - Stephan Korobkin
Claire Palmer - Mrs. Korobkin
Tracey Moore - Mishka, the Governor's servant; Locksmiths Wife