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Wednesday 30 May Saturday 2 June 2001

Our Country's Good

By Louisiana Timberlake
Directed by John Gardyne

By the middle of the 17th century the middle class and wealthier citizens of England were deeply frightened by a rapidly rising crime rate. The idea was proposed that convicts should be transported - exiled would be a more accurate term - to Australia, where they could be used as free labourers to create a strategically located naval outpost.

The first convict fleet, seven hundred and thirty six convicts under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, set sail from London on 13th May 1787. After a voyage of two hundred and sixty two days they arrived at Botany Bay on 20th January 1788. They would not see another ship for over two years.

Early in 1789 the convicts performed Farquhar's comedy The Recruiting Officer - the first ever theatrical performance in Australia.


Jennifer Hastie - Aborigine
Fergus Craig - Captain Arthur Phillip
Kristian Scott - Captain David Collins
David Blaikie - Captain Watkin Tench
Michael Nesdale - Midshipman Harry Brewer
Jon Duff - Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark
Claire Roe - Meg Long
David McNeill - Robert Sideway
Danielle Farrow - Dabby Bryant
Josephine Wynne-Eaton - Mary Brenham
Pippa Nixon - Liz Morden
Paul Henshall - Major Robbie Ross
Adam McConville - Captain Jemmy Campbell
Claire Roe - Reverend Johnson
Rachel Mawson - Lieutenant George Johnston
Pippa Nixon - Lieutenant Will Dawes
Danielle Farrow - Second Lieutenant William Faddy
Rachel Mawson - Duckling Smith
David Blaikie - Ketch Freeman
Aidan O'Hare - John Wisehammer
Kristian Scott - Caesar
Paul Henshall - John Arscott