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Emma Bonnici


Emma Bonnici is a performer, teacher and speaker. Her 8 years working as a full time company member in Poland with two award winning, Grotowski-based, physical theatre companies - Song of the Goat Theatre and Teatr Zar - have greatly influenced her views and approach to training and performance. This is coupled with extensive vocal work and research that has taken her from studying at the Met Opera House in New York, to expeditions to meet authentic traditional-music singers in Georgia, Sicily, Ukraine, the Western Isles of Scotland and back to New York to work with Jonathan Hart Makwaia of the Roy Hart tradition.

Her focus as a teacher is on principles of ensemble work both in body and voice and their connection. This is further supported by her qualification as a craniosacral therapist.

Emma has given a TedX 'The Power of the Voice' about her vocal work and speaks at academic and business conferences. She has her own company Singing as Life Practice which runs workshops for performers and non performers exploring song as a dramatic text and a tool for personal expressions of life events and trauma. Emma teaches both nationally and internationally and continues to perform.

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of arts in English and Classical literature

Masters in Advanced Theatre Practice