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Dr Patrick Campbell

Programme Leader BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance


Research Interests

My academic research focuses on the ways in which contemporary theatre artists in Europe and Latin America are challenging monolithic, phallogocentric framings of subjectivity, representability and heritage through performance and training.

Invited Papers

Campbell, Patrick G. W; 2014; A Moving Process: Psychophysical training in the Wake of Grotowski, Barba and Wolfsohn-Hart and its Transposition to a UK HE Context.Paper given on 23/11/2014 at the 2014 Dance Research Society, Taiwan, Annual Conference: Creating Arts, Creating Meanings: Ways to Develop Dance Practices. Hosted by the Dance Research Society, Taiwan, and Co-hosted by the School of Dance, Taipei National University of Arts.

Campbell, Patrick G. W.; 2014; Grupo NATA: A Pragmatic Afrodiasporic Analysis. Paper given on 15/10/2014 at the International Colloquium on Black Art: Body, Performance and Ancestry, organised by the Postgraduate Programme in Performing Arts, Theatre School, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.

Campbell, Patrick G. W.; 2014; "Ananse Tales: An Afrodiasporic, Intercultural Spin on Enterprise, Education and the Arts"; paper presented at the 2-day International Colloquium "Enterprise, Education and the Arts: Synthesis, Transformation and Cultural Action, (Portfolio Centre), School of the Arts, University of Northampton, UK.

Campbell, Patrick G. W.; 2013; "Tracing the Transcendent Function in Post-Grotowskian Theatre"; paper presented at the Creative Encounters: Arts as Culture/ Arts as Therapy? Symposium, University of Northampton, UK.

Campbell, Patrick G. W.; 2013; "All at Sea – Tracing Jouissance in the Digital Archives of Triangle Theatre"; paper presented at the Performing Documents Conference,
(Arnolfini Auditorium), University of Bristol, UK and published in the online conference proceedings (available at

Campbell, P., Waterfield, C., Farmer, R. and Usher, J. 2012 Action learning, archiving and avant-garde theatre.Paper presented to: 19th International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT-C 2012), University of Manchester, 11-13 September 2012

Campbell, Patrick G. W; 2012; "Threads in the Labyrinth: Perception/Reception in the ‘Other' Dramaturgies of Triangle Theatre, Odin Teatret and the Teat(r)o Oficina Uzyna Uzona", paper presented at I International Colloquium on Theories of Reception: Approaching the Relationship between Artwork/Spectator, PPGAC-UFBA, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Campbell, Patrick G. W.; 2011; "And the Sertão will become Sea:Our Lady of the Drowned and the "Personal Geography" paper presented at VI Reunião Científica da ABRACE, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Campbell, Patrick G. W.; 2010; "Through a Glass Darkly: the subject, the Other and desire in COSmino Theatre's Double" ; Article published in Mimus - on-line Mime and Physical Theatre Journal: Year 2, no.3; Online ISSN: 2175-4888

Campbell, Patrick G. W.; 2010; Traces of the Mother: Deconstructing Hegemonic Historical Narrative in Teatro Oficina Uzyna Uzona's' Rebellion in the Backlands'"; Paper presented at "Between the Past and the Future: Challenging Narratives of Memory in Latin America", a two-day symposium at the Institute for the Study of the Americas, Senate House, University of London.

Campbell, Patrick G. W.; 2010; "Embodying Dionysus: the Teat(r)o Oficina Uzyna Uzona's Os Sertões – Towards an Orgiastic Poetics"; paper presented at the VI Congress of the Brazilian Association of Research and Post-Graduate Programmes in the Performing Arts (ABRACE), and published in the annals of the event (Online ISSN: 2176-9516).

Campbell, Patrick G. W.; 2010; The Trans-Man: Re-writing Subjectivity in Teat(r)o Oficina Uzyna Uzona's Rebellion in the Backlands" Paper presented at the "Merging Interactions" Colloquium, at the Central School of Speech and Drama, in London.

Patrick Campbell is a member of the Art and Performance Research Hub.


Campbell, P., 2020. 'The Affective Dramaturgy of Voice'.


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Book Chapters

Turner, J., Campbell, P.G.W., 2019. ''The Dance of Opposition: Repetition, Legacy and Difference in Third Theatre Training'.'. In Evans, M., Thomaidis, K., Worth, L. (eds.) Time and Performer Training, Routledge.

Journal Articles

Ledger, A.J., Kuhlmann, A., Christoffersen, E.E., Turner, J., Campbell, P., Chemi, T., 2022. 'From the centre to the periphery', Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 13 (1), pp. 156-158.

Campbell, P., Turner, J., 2022. 'The clinch and the crack: rupture and resolution in Third Theatre's laboratory practices', Arts, 11 (6), pp. 118-118.

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Campbell, P.G.W., 2015. 'Portraits in/between Black and White: Traumatic Performativity and Postmemory in a Jamaican Family Album', REPERTÓRIO: Teatro & Dança, 2015.1.

Conference Papers

Campbell, P., 2012. 'Traces of the (M)Other: Deconstructing Hegemonic Historical Narrative In Teat(r)o Oficina Uzyna Uzona's<i>Os Sertões</i>', in Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, 21 (2), pp. 287-311.