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Kevin Egan

Senior Lecturer
Drama and Contemporary Performance


Kevin Egan is a member of the Art and Performance Research Hub.

A selection of recent research outputs.


Egan, K., 2015. Constructing Negative Space, Axis Arts Centre, 3/2/2015.


Wetherell, M., 2018. 'It's Hot, It's Not', Unicorn Theatre, London, 5/2/2019.

Wetherell, M., 2010. 'Empire by Reckless Sleepers', Warwick Arts Centre, 22/11/2012.

Wetherell, M., 2010. 'Negative Space by Reckless Sleepers', International Tour, 19/11/2014.

Wetherell, M., 2010. 'Schrödinger by Reckless Sleepers', International Tour, 1/3/2011.

Mackenzie, N., 2010. 'Three Sisters by Plane Performance', National Tour, 8/3/2013.

Internet Publications

Pinchbeck, M., Egan, K., 2012. 'Dramaturgy in Dialogue: Kevin Egan (Outside Eye Project)',

Journal Articles

Egan, K., 2018. 'Schrödinger's notes: a minimalist equation for a Reckless Sleepers project', Studies in Theatre and Performance.

Egan, K., 2013. 'Backpages 23.3: An Introduction to the Work of Reckless Sleepers', Contemporary Theatre Review, 23 (3), pp. 454-454.

Conference Papers

Egan, K., 2010. 'The Score as Text: music analysis, (de)composition, and the textual landscape in Plane Performance's Traviata project.', Text and Theatre Symposium, Manchester Metropolitan University, 25/3/2010 - 26/3/2010.

Other Outputs

Egan, K., 2015. 'Constructing Negative Space'.

Mackenzie, NK., 2014. 'The Flare International Festival of New Theatre 2011 (Exhibition)'.

Mackenzie, NK., 2014. 'The Flare Weekender 2014'.

Mackenzie, NK., Egan, K., Fenemore, A., 2010. 'Traviata by Plane Performance, devised theatre composition, presented at the Text and Theatre Symposium MMU Cheshire.'.

Mackenzie, NK., Egan, K., 2008. 'Manchester International Student Theatre Festival, presented at Greenroom, Zion Arts Centre, Capitol Theatre, supported by Arts Council England, MMU and Greenroom.'.