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Dr Rachel Piekarczyk

Senior Lecturer
Drama and Contemporary Performance


A selection of recent research outputs.

Journal Articles

Rimmer-Piekarczyk, R., 2018. 'Self-somatic authority: Exploring the cultivation of somatic intelligence through a dialogic approach to self-reflection in dance technique learning', Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices, 10 (1), pp. 95-110.

Rimmer, R., 2017. 'Negotiating the rules of engagement: exploring perceptions of dance technique learning through Bourdieu's concept of 'doxa'', Research in Dance Education, 18 (3), pp. 221-236.

Rimmer, RS., 2017. 'Questions as 'springboards': a dialogic approach to fostering critical enquiry and reflection in dance technique learning.', Learning and Teaching in Action, 12 (1), pp. 83-100.

Rimmer, RS., 2015. 'Reimagining Reflective Practice in the Dance Technique Class', Innovative Practice in Higher Education, 2 (2).

Rimmer, RS., 2013. 'Improvising with Material in the Higher Education Dance Technique Class: Exploration and Ownership', Journal of Dance Education.

Conference Papers

Rimmer, RS., 2016. ''Iterative inquiry: exploring reflective learning in dance technique across three cycles of action research.'', Dance HE 'Sustaining the Discipline: Embedding the Right to Dance in the C21st', Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds UK, 28/10/2016 - 29/10/2016.

Rimmer, RS., 2016. ''Stimulating 'unique intellectual adventures' in dance technique learning: questions as springboards for reflective enquiry'.', Dance HE 'Questioning methods of practice, pedagogy and research'., University of Bedfordshire, UK., 7/4/2016 - 7/4/2016.

Rimmer, RS., Guarino, J., 2016. 'Reflective Practice and Dance Scholarship', Expanded Practice and Curation as Creative Process Symposium, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2/2016.

Rimmer, RS., 2015. 'Making Material Meaningful: Nurturing the Thinking Dancer in the Higher Education Dance Technique Class', Department of Contemporary Arts Research Symposium, Manchester Metropolitan University, 3/2015.

Rimmer, RS., 2014. 'Evaluating the Impact of Alternative Learning Strategies in the Higher Education Dance Technique Class', MMU Annual Postgraduate Research Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University Graduate School, 11/2014.

Rimmer, RS., 2014. 'Introducing Choice in the Higher Education Dance Technique Class', Higher Education Academy Arts and Humanities 'Heroes and Monsters' Conference, The Lowry: Manchester, 6/2014, in