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Thursday 30 November Saturday 2 December 2017

The James Plays – Part One: The Key Will Keep the Lock

By Rona Munro
Directed by David Salter

Bold and irreverent storytelling explores the complex character of this colourful Stewart king – a poet, a lover, a law-maker but also the product of a harsh political system.

James I of Scotland was captured when he was only 13 and became King of Scots in an English prison. Eighteen years later he's finally delivered back home with a ransom on his head and a new English bride. He's returning to a poor nation, the royal coffers are empty and his nobles are a pack of wolves ready to tear him apart at the first sign of weakness. James is determined to bring the rule of law to a land riven by warring factions, but that struggle will force him to make terrible choices if he is to save himself, his Queen and the crown.

—National Theatre of Scotland

Designer: Olivia Du Monceau